PIRATES is a heartwarming time-travel tale with that special Linda Lael Miller touch. Love, hope, redemption and belief in magic transcend the pages of this glorious little novel to whisk the readers away on a cloud of joy.

In an attempt to forget the pain of her divorce, Phoebe Turlow takes a trip to a Caribbean island that was once the home of "the patriot pirate," Duncan Rourke. Though the island isn't quite the paradise she'd hoped it would be, Duncan's history fascinates Phoebe.

Through a "magical" elevator, Phoebe finds herself face to face with her fantasy pirate. Convinced that this strange woman is a British spy, Duncan watches Phoebe closely. Banished by his family for following the rebel cause and supporting the revolution, Duncan plays many a reckless game.

With her knowledge of the future, Phoebe convinces Duncan that she is not a spy, but the truth is more frightening for her to face. She has fallen in love with a man centuries older than she and whose tormented soul drives him toward his own untimely death.

Defying fate for a chance at love, Phoebe is able to reach across the chasm of time to keep Duncan alive, but what are the chances that they will be able to stay together? (Apr., 296 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin