Image of The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst


Image of The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst

With a cast of dangerous characters, an honorable hero and a courageous young heroine, along with an overview of the piracy that harassed the Caribbean, Allen sets the tone for a lively adventure and immensely entertaining read.

With the death of her father, Clemence Ravenhurst becomes the ward of her nefarious uncle. To evade his plans for her, she disguises herself as a boy and escapes the house, only to wind up in the clutches of Red Matthew McTiernan, one of the most dangerous pirates on the Caribbean.

The pirate ship's navigator, Nathan Stainer, is really a naval spy on a mission. He takes the skinny young Clem as his servant before discovering that she's a woman. Forced together in tight quarters, Nathan and Clemence form a close friendship, and he vows to keep her safe during the battle to come. He offers her marriage as protection, but when he discovers she comes from wealth and privilege, he fears he cannot give her what she desires. How can she convince this exasperating and honorable man that marriage to her would be the right thing? (HARLEQUIN, Sep., 283 pp., $5.99)
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Joan Hammond