Image of A Place Beyond Courage


Image of A Place Beyond Courage

Immerse your senses in the world created by Chadwick; be intrigued, entertained and enlightened by the deft skill of a master storyteller as she weaves a course through the turbulent years of a battle for the Crown with passion and finesse. For fans of William Marshal and Chadwick’s The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion, this is a must-read.

Upon King Henry’s death, John FitzGilbert swears to King Stephen to protect his English lands. When John realizes Stephen is weak, he swears fealty to the Empress Matilda. John annuls his first marriage and allies himself with the Salisburys by marrying Sybilla, the earl’s sister, and forming a powerful alliance. With Sybilla he finds a true mate and happiness. They have two sons; the second, William, is his favorite. John remains steadfast, protecting all he has gained while waiting for Matilda’s son, Henry, to take the crown. When Stephen strikes at John by holding William hostage, a cornered John truly goes to a place beyond courage. (SOURCEBOOKS, Sep., 502 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Faye Harris