A PLACE CALLED HOME is an inspiring saga of the wilderness and a woman ready to tame the untamed.

Though Livi Talbot knows of the dangers of the trail, her husband David's dream of building a home in Kentucky becomes her dream as well. Her joy turns to horror when David dies on the wilderness road.

Widowed and pregnant, Livi must find a way to survive and to keep David's dream alive. From deep within, she uncovers the strength to confront hardship and triumph over every obstacle. The uncultivated land, the Native Americans and her own fear will never stop Livi from attaining what becomes her own dream-a home in this beautiful land, family security, and a love that holds promise of the future.

Strong, impressive and marvelous in both its reality and its romance, A PLACE CALLED HOME stirs the reader's emotions as Elizabeth Grayson weaves her story of a remarkable woman's desire to forge her own destiny and follow her heart. Livi is a heroine to admire and this is a novel to remember. SWEET (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin