Young, innocent and pretty, Jill Jones comes to Rainwater to help run her aunt's
hotel. With courage, she manages to hold her own with the roustabouts of this
oil boomtown. But then the arrival of an old friend, Thad Taylor, turns her days
topsy-turvy. She does her best to ignore him.

Thad delights in teasing the sassy Jill, and with sparks flying between them,
the teasing turns into something more.

Their reverie is disturbed when a woman's mutilated body is discovered, Thad
does all in his power to protect Jill from danger.

With the booming Oklahoma oil fields as a backdrop, A PLACE CALLED RAINWATER is
a fast-paced, tender love story with chilling overtones. Ms. Garlock's fans
will find the gritty earthiness she is known for in full force in her latest novel.
SWEET (Dec., 406 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond