For decades the women in Martha Cade's family have been midwives in Trinity, Pennsylvania. Her hope that her daughter would continue the practice is broken when Victoria runs away with a theater troupe.

After months of searching for her, Martha returns home devastated, but sure she is doing what God intended. However, things have changed since Martha left. There's a new doctor in town and Martha's faith in herself and her work are tested by his presence.

Though there are moments when Martha doubts her faith, she draws on the knowledge that there is a more powerful being when she is called upon to help others avert a scandal and save innocent children from a vicious thief's schemes.

Yet, more than this, Martha learns what it means to forgive, to share her generosity and love and to help repair the tatters of her relationship with her daughter while finding the strength to love again.

Delia Parr has written a sweet yet powerful story of how love, faith and hope can bring peace to a woman's soul; how we can never give in to despair or doubts; and how strength comes from deep within when we need it most. Trinity is not a real town, but what its inhabitants face mirrors our own situations and the lessons we can learn from Martha can help us deal with the trials life places before us. A PLACE CALLED TRINITY is a novel for our time. SWEET (Feb., 314 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin