Image of Plaid Tidings (Spirit of the Highlands)


Image of Plaid Tidings (Spirit of the Highlands)

Marlowe has penned a wonderful tale, rich in romance and wit. Replete with memorable characters and a touch of Scottish legend, this well-written romance is both poignant and highly entertaining. Not to be missed by fans of Scottish Regency.

While en route to Scotland, Lord Alexander Mallory wins an estate, Bonniebroch, in a card game. He’s thrilled, trusting this will make his appearance less surprising to the local clans. But discovering the estate’s remoteness, the fact that he is betrothed to Lucinda MacOwen, whose family has occupied Bonniebroch for generations, and that there is a curse on the land, has Alex less sure of his original plan. Lucinda admires Alex physically and during the journey to the estate she falls head over heels in love. Arriving at Bonniebroch, Alex learns the particulars of the curse and the ghost that only Lu can see. With a bit of help from the ghost, Lu’s love and following his heart, Alex knows the steps he must take to break the curse before time runs out on Twelfth Night. (ZEBRA, Oct., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin