This is an extremely sensual story
that keeps the relationship between
the hero and heroine monogamous. Pearce's well-thought-out tale examines the trials of living in a society that's quite different from what the heroine
is used to, and with a hero who's
open-minded enough to accept her
differences while upholding his own traditions.

When Captain Douglass Fraser of the United Planetary Parcel Service crash-lands on the planet Valhalla, she is considered a gift from the gods and becomes a consort to King Marcus Blood Axe. Women are very scarce here, so she is treated well by Marcus and the three male servants assigned to her.

Despite all this attention, Douglass longs to return to Earth and the son waiting for her there. She refuses to give Marcus what he most desires: a child. When another woman steps forward and claims to be pregnant by Marcus, it looks like she will get her wish to return home -- but is that still all she wants? (, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley