Image of Play Dead (A Dog Days Novel)


Image of Play Dead (A Dog Days Novel)

A job offer puts Mason and his dog/Ifrit Lou in the middle of another sticky wicket in the fourth entry of the outstanding Dog Days series. A strength of the series has been the balance of intriguing mystery and character development. Mason and Lou’s relationship is truly fascinating and may be tested. Hang on tight, an apocalypse may be in the offing!

When a black magic practitioner offers him a job, Mason is in an awkward position. Jessie Alexander asks him to track down a woman named Jackie who has stolen something. He’s not inclined to take the job, but Victor, head magical enforcer, wants him to be a double agent. Mason and Lou try and track Jackie, discovering a dangerous spell book is at the center of this drama. The extent of Jackie’s power is quickly discovered by Mason and Lou when they are almost trapped in a singularity. What’s Jackie’s grand plan? Whatever it is, it does not bode well for magic users. (ACE, Feb., 300 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith