Image of Play Dirty: A Novel


Image of Play Dirty: A Novel

Mega-star Brown takes an unsavory situation and turns it into a tense thriller in which obsession and hatred run rampant. No prize, this hero is struggling to rebuild his life against some bitter odds, while the heroine is laden with love that's tainted with guilt. No one is perfect in this dark and twisted scenario, which provides ample opportunity for transfixing suspense.

Disgraced former football star Griff Burkett's options are quite limited once he gets out of prison. Adding to his woes is a detective who refuses to believe that Griff had nothing to do with the murder of a bookie. The only offer Griff has is a meeting with eccentric disabled millionaire businessman Foster Speakman. To his astonishment, Foster offers to pay Griff a huge amount of money to get his wife, Laura, pregnant -- and not by artificial insemination. Despite his reservations, Griff agrees. Nothing, however, goes as planned, and obsession, twisted love and greed soon turn to violence and murder. (SIMON & SCHUSTER, Aug., 416 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith