Reincarnation and a canine narrator are two of the special twists author Ms. Alexander uses to bring this charming story to life. PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM will appeal to both dog and Bogart lovers.

Sam, the Bogart-loving Bearded Collie, must reunite two star-crossed lovers. Nearly 200 years ago, he was involved in a romantic triangle that ended tragically. In those days his beloved human was Pippa Morgan. Deciding that romantic love is not in the cards for her, Pippa agrees to marry long-time acquaintance Hugh Winston. Pippa is content until her beloved dog Sam forces an introduction to handsome Spencer St. Gregory. From the first, their two souls recognize each other, but Pippa's feelings of honor prevent her from canceling her engagement. Fate takes a hand in events and tragedy strikes.

Now, Sam once again belongs to his beloved human-this time she is Morgan Phillips. After seven aborted engagements, Morgan has decided to marry Winston Hughes, the son of her father's business partner. If Morgan wants to keep her hand in Phillips & Hughes, Inc., she must marry someone who meets with her father's approval. Sam again orchestrates the fateful meeting with Morgan's lost love, whose name today is Greg Spencer; but, tragedy looms once more. Can Sam prevent history from repeating itself?

(Feb., 392 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith