With the third in her With Me in Seattle series, Proby once again proves that a great erotic read doesn’t have to skimp on the romance. Will’s courtship of the commitment-phobic Megan is sweet, sexy and just plain fun. A truly terrific read from a rising star!

His repeated refusals to visit the pediatric cancer ward where she works is just one of the reasons why Megan McBride doesn’t like Will Montgomery. The football star is too arrogant for her taste. But when Megan meets Will at a friend’s party, she finds it nearly impossible to say no to his advances. It’s not Will’s wide shoulders or big bank account that get Megan’s attention. Instead, it is the concern he shows for loved ones that makes her understand there is more than meets the eye. But with her history of being abandoned, Megan may not be ready for the serious relationship that Will is after. (KRISTENPROBY.COM, dl $1.99)

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne