Starting the novella with a scene where the heroine spies on the hero while he engages in BDSM with two lovers, one of whom is male, is a risky move that ultimately does not pay off. Instead of titillating, the incident makes Katherine seem like a stalker. And although Katherine is supposedly strong and assertive, her personality falls flat in the story. Likewise, Seth’s character doesn’t develop much beyond his need to dominate the heroine. He takes his role as Dom very seriously and while never physically harms Katherine, he never gets permission to take over her life — either inside or outside of the bedroom. Seth claims that the things that he does with Katherine are special, but he treats their time together like a game which makes it difficult for the reader to take him seriously. This novella has the obligatory racy scenes readers will expect in an erotica, but fans of BDSM will find nothing new here.

High-powered casino CEO Katherine Higgins is used to being in charge. So when she starts to fantasize being dominated by her head of security, she doesn’t know exactly how to act. Katherine decides the best course of action is to push Seth Kyoto away and pick fights with him in order to keep him at arm's length. But when Katherine is threatened and Seth refuses to leave her side, it is inevitable that her feelings for him will surface. Seth is more than ready to take her on — he has wanted to dominate his sexy boss for years. Now that he finally has the chance, he cannot wait to tie her up and make her beg for more. (Ellora’s Cave, February 2011, dl. $8.90)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne