With a vivid historical backdrop, compelling story and endearing characters, fans will be sorry to see Diane Nobles series end with AT PLAY IN THE PROMISED LAND (4.5). Juliet Rose Dearbournes one desire is to leave the bondage of her home in search of what makes her happiest: performing on a stage. When she suddenly disappears, her family hires private investigator Clay MacGregor to locate her. Not a difficult task, he assumes. But he returns to California without strong-willed Juliet. Unfortunately, she loses sight of the most important things in life, and agrees to marry a man who will fulfill her dreams for herself and her family. Will she realize, before it is too late, where her heart truly lies? Slide over Gilbert Morris, a another gifted saga storyteller is on the block!

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston and Roberta Blair