Bestselling author Lance Montgomery is happily single and on a mission to show his most vocal adversary that there's nothing wrong with giving in to desires.

Meanwhile, Phillip Mckenna, who's daughter is on the verge of becoming the class bully, finds sympathy and passion in the arms of a fellow parent. And months after his wife's death Marcus Lowery finds romance with a childhood friend, while Sam Gunn revises his dating policy when a sexy chef moves in next door.

It's rare to find a female author who tackles romance from not just one male perspective but several, and Jackson's latest work shows her superb versatility.

The characters are connected via friendship, and each of their individual stories is handled gracefully and tellingly. With the slightly unexpected ending, Jackson opens the door wide for a follow-up novel to this scintillating treat. (Nov., 294 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton