Mix together a jewelry heist that hinges on old family secrets and the possibility of a dangerous curse, and you have an exciting page-turner that picks up where Freethy's June release, Taken, left off. The emotional punch of these books boils down to a trifecta of hatred, revenge and greed, and this top-notch author delivers top-notch thrills.

It seems that the charming but deranged Evan Chadwick has a diabolical new plan up his sleeve. FBI agent J.T. McIntyre has been chasing the dangerous con man for years. J.T. and Evan were college roommates until Evan's lies and thefts were exposed. Evan swore vengeance against J.T. and others. Now, he's orchestrating a big jewelry heist, and his plans include implicating gemologist Christina Alberti.

When J.T. warns Christina, she realizes she can't be completely candid with him because her father may be mixed up in the plot. Since Evan is a master of disguise, he may be hiding in plain sight and manipulating the dangerous events in full view. (SIGNET, Oct., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith