Image of The Player's Club: Lincoln


Image of The Player's Club: Lincoln
THE PLAYER'S CLUB: LINCOLN (4) by Cathy Yardley: Celebutante Juliana Mayfield is a tabloid fixture and not much else. She’s run through her trust fund and needs to land a big deal to keep her finances in the black. Membership in The Players Club, with its outlandish secretive adventures and pranks, might just be the thing to lure in producers to greenlight a reality show for her to star in. Or so she thinks. The authoritative and secretive Lincoln Stone, Players Club founder, doesn’t trust the motives of their newest pledge, and keeps a close eye on her as her mentor. The fact that she is more attractive to him than any other woman makes the task that much more appealing. As she confronts fears and challenges, experiences hot sex and even love, Juliana begins to re-evaluate her values, and Lincoln finally lets someone see beyond his solid supportive wall.
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Kim Jefferson