Image of The Player's Proposal (Kimani Romance)


Image of The Player's Proposal (Kimani Romance)
Angie Daniels' The Player's Proposal (4) skillfully exemplifies the problems couples face when they fail to communicate. Eighteen months ago Danica Dansforth walked out of Jaden Beaumont's life, using an imaginary fiance as her excuse. After they made love, she overheard a phone conversation and thought he didn't really care for her. Jaden swore off serious relationships after Danica left and moved back to his hometown, where he purchases the landmark Peterson's Garage. When Danica's vintage car comes in and she doesn't have the money for repairs, he suggests she work for him as his receptionist and he'll fix her car for free. As the two spend time together, often reluctantly, they discover each other's secrets and vow to not let them come between them again.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims