Image of Playing Dirty


Image of Playing Dirty

Echols hands readers a bunch of wonderfully eccentric characters — from a pink-haired PR maven to a genius, Hindi-speaking guitarist, to a poker playing mom and a vengeful rock star — with frequent stops at wacky, wild and weird. Echols’ characters are prime talent, but the frequent — and sometimes choppy — switch between storylines can get a little tedious.

PR maven Sarah Seville is familiar with difficult rock star behavior, but she’s never met anybody quite as contrary as Quentin Cox, leader of country band Cheatin’ Hearts. All the members of Cheatin’ Hearts have secrets, but Quentin’s behavior is frequently at odds with what Sarah learns about him as she decides to play Quentin’s new love interest to raise the jealousy quotient and lure the band’s femme fatale back into Quentin’s bed. When a psychotic troublemaker from Sarah’s last assignment begins stalking her, Quentin has to decide if revealing all his secrets will keep her safe — or be the worst mistake he could make. (POCKET, Nov., 448 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper