Image of Playing With Fire


Image of Playing With Fire

Perrin creates three compelling characters, which makes the heroine’s choice in this love triangle difficult. The revelations here are fast-paced and juicy — crafting this into a page-turner. And the 180-degree personality turn of one of the trio is well plotted, leading to an exciting conclusion.

Zienna has moved on from her breakup with Wendell. Meeting Nicholas five months ago was more fulfilling than she ever imagined. But when Wendell returns and turns out to be Nicholas’ best friend from college, Zienna is in a mess. Wendell left (supposedly) because of his inability to commit, and successful restaurateur Nicholas has been steadily winning her over. The fact that he doesn’t excite her to the level of her former lover is not a good enough reason to revisit her past. She’s happy — right? (MIRA, Aug, 298 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins