Tansy Richardson is on her way home from Egypt with her spoiled cousin and their chaperone when a kidnapping attempt and a shipwreck leave them hiding in an Egyptian tomb. A strange statue and a cat become part of the mysterious events that follow the women's rescue by a dashing English Navel officer, Martin Ballard.

With his escort, Tansy and her cousin arrive at their uncle's home only to be met by the dangerous Earl of Sanderby, who is seeking vengeance on their family. Only their uncle knows the real reason for the Earl's hatred, but it is the otherworldly cat who manages to save Tansy and her new love from a betrayal within the family itself and to right a wrong committed long past.

In PLAYING WITH FIRE, Sandra Heath has given us a super story, bringing elements of myth, magic and legend to add spice to a tender love story. (Mar., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck