A dedicated firefighter, Lindsay Pfeiffer is the rare female among ranks of male colleagues. With a muscular, thin body, she thinks of herself as one of the guys. Lindsay is involved in a platonic and lackluster relationship with bland Joey, but her heart and body secretly crave unattainable Matt Callahan, a hotshot firefighter in her own squad -- and Joey's roommate.

After an unintentional, late-night rendezvous with Matt, Lindsay's life begins to resemble a desirable woman's, not a tomboy's. As their blooming relationship threatens both of their jobs, Lindsay begins to discover her own unique strength as not only a firefighter but a woman as well.

A solid narrative and a convincing tone of sensuality are difficult facets to wrangle separately, let alone combine convincingly, but McDavid does it. She cleverly stokes female eroticism without pandering to a male version of ostentatious lust. Moreover, her characters, through insightful and subtle sketches, highlight the little girl, sex goddess and sporty tomcat that inevitably lie in every woman, without ignoring the sensitive male that can also reside in the toughest of men. Add a firehouse hose room and a stationary bike, and McDavid reveals not only a spark, but an inferno, in this intelligent scorcher. (Nov., 300 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Kay