Image of Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)


Image of Playing with Fire (Silver Dragons, Book 1)

In an offshoot of her Aisling Grey series, MacAlister goes into the mind and world of
a spunky new heroine with her first Silver Dragons novel. It's packed with all her signature hilarity and adventure, as well as many familiar faces. The cliffhanger ending will leave you breathless.

May Northcott is a doppelganger, created by her naiad twin Cyrene while she was enthralled to the demon lord Magoth. Unhappily, that means May is bound to Magoth and forced to steal valuable magical objects. During a caper gone wrong, May meets Gabriel Tauhou of the Silver Dragons and discovers she's his mate.

As silver dragons are cursed never to have a mate born, Gabriel figured he was out of luck, but the fact that May was created solves that problem. It does not, however, solve the problem of the price on May's head set by an angry mage, the black dragon salivating for revenge or the demon lord who controls May's destiny. (SIGNET, May, 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith