Reading Queen is an absolutely scrumptious experience. Readers will fall in love, get heated, laugh and have an energizing adventure. The story has sublime settings, smooth writing that melds into a well-developed plot and characters who come alive like Pop Rocks and carbonated beverages.

Ever since Roxanne’s bad marriage tanked, she has steered clear of any serious involvement. After all, she has real matters to deal with, like being broke and jobless, plus the allegations that she murdered her husband. But all of that changes when she meets basketball star Barry Dennis. Barry has chosen the wrong woman to play flirt-and-go with. Basketball is his top priority, so serious relationships are not on the agenda. So why is a life with Roxanne all he seems to concentrate on? As the fire blazes between the two, the media focuses on the couple. Will love prevail or will it be just a game of fun? (STEPHANIEQUEEN.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco