Image of Please Don't Tell


Image of Please Don't Tell

This is a wonderful, romantic thriller that connects you with the characters very quickly. While allowing a stranger into her home is a pretty stupid move, Fen is anything but, and her calm demeanor and rational nature allow the reader to trust her instincts.

Although the knock on the door is expected, the person on the doorstep is not. Fen is expecting her niece. Instead a blood-covered stranger is there asking for help. Fen allows the stranger into her home and tries to figure out if she can trust him and believe his story that he was in a car accident. Little does she know a serial killer has struck that same night. Fen believes Alex to be a good man, but her life is on the line if she is wrong. (MINOTAUR, Jul., 368 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Bonavita