His brother Johnnie was The Outlaw and now Susan Johnson brings back Robbie Carr to captivate readers with his own sensual, exciting adventure.

Robbie knows how to please a woman: hes made a life-long study of satisfying them, but he only wants one woman, the beautiful Countess of Kilmarnock, Roxane Forrestor. And what this irrepressible, irresistible rogue wants he gets. Hes determined to woo and bed his beloved.

Twice-widowed Roxane places her childrens safety before her own desires. Caught between the two most powerful men in Edinburgh, she feels like a chess pawn. Robbie is a powerful temptation and the passion he unleashes within Roxane can endanger her plans to keep two powerful English foes at bay. She must move carefully, tempting and teasing her enemies until she can escape house arrest and free her children.

With two power-crazed men on her trail, Roxane is rescued by Robbie and with his brothers help, he uses the opportunity to seduce her into accepting his marriage proposal even though they must extricate themselves from the political turmoil surrounding them.

Though not as highly heated as many of Ms. Johnsons novels, TO PLEASE A LADY is overflowing with rich color, intrigue and fascinating historical details. Readers will never feel mired in history, but will be caught up in Robbie and Roxanes love story. Susan Johnson knows how to make history sizzle. SENSUAL (Nov., 300 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin