Image of Pleasure's Edge


Image of Pleasure's Edge

Readers are going to feel the burn just turning the pages in Berlin’s BDSM-heavy story. Her characters are strong, the plot tight, the sex hot and, better than all that, her wrap-up is perfect, tying and resolving all loose ends with plausible expediency.

Erotica author Dylan Ivory has always been in control; her life has often depended on it. But when she starts researching the world of BDSM for her latest book, she meets a man who can take that control away from her. Alec Walker writes psychological thrillers and he lives for thrills, from mountain climbing to shark diving to motorcycle tours. That mentality extends to his sex life, where he is a fearless dom to any woman’s sub. Then he meets Dylan and dares the self-professed control freak to take the chance of submitting to him to experience the greatest pleasure. But can he take the risk of surrendering his heart to keep the woman who has captured his soul? (HEAT, Nov., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper