The characters hit it fast and hit it hard, barely containing their lust for each other. This is a quick read, with a simple plot and easy language, and an even quicker rise to heated passion. If you're in the market for something beyond your average sex scene but short of elaborate kink, Fox's book is perfect.

Desperate to keep their jobs and obtain grant funding for their newest project, lab scientists Laura Manning and Jay Cutler take matters into their own hands -- and then into their bedrooms -- as they test the libido-enhancing serum they're developing. The heightened passion leaves them both reeling, Jay wondering if he really is the "Cold-Hearted Cutler" his mom dubbed him as a child, and Laura pondering if her dreams have come true -- or was it just the serum talking? (Avon Red, Nov., 240 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen