Image of To Pleasure a Duke (The Husband Hunters Club Series)


Image of To Pleasure a Duke (The Husband Hunters Club Series)

Bennett’s tale of a Cinderella whose wishes for love and marriage thrust her into a duke’s arms is overloaded with mischief, mayhem and misunderstandings. The stereotypical characters include a domineering mother, a runaway sister, a rapscallion father and rogue brother, who combine to turn this into a fast-paced but predictable read.

Cornered by friends, Eugenie Belmont tells a white lie about her intended husband, naming Sinclair St. John, Duke of Somerton, as her fiancé. To Eugenie he is perfect; he is the opposite of her rackety family, where life is in constant turmoil. The duke endears himself when he takes the family’s misbehaving goat home. However, he has his own family problems. His younger sister balks at her intended marriage. His mother insists it will take place and he must see to it. Then Eugenie proposes a dare that piques the Duke’s curiosity and exposes his reckless side. When he offers to make her his mistress she refuses, though there is a powerful attraction between them. He intends to have her on his terms. For Eugenie it is all or nothing. With hearts at stake the battle of wills ensues. (AVON, Nov., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faye Harris