Image of Pleasure Island


Image of Pleasure Island

Despite an intriguing premise, O'Clare's Aphrodisia debut falls flat. The characters and suspense are lackluster, and the hero and heroine never feel real. Added to these problems are multiple plotlines and back-and-forth narration that make for a disjointed story. On the plus side, the sporadic erotic scenes are well written.

Attorney Natalie Green's erotic vacation to a resort begins when she chooses two male lovers whose devotion quickly becomes unnerving. Her suspicions are increased after she meets Malachai in a forbidden area of the island. He and Natalie have an amazing sexual and emotional connection, which forces Malachai to question his isolation from the world.

As the mystery of Malachai's past deepens and the island's "companions" take on a nightmarish quality, the lovers must fight for their lives. (APHRODISIA, Jun., 304 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison