Image of To Pleasure a Lady (Courtship Wars, Book 1)


Image of To Pleasure a Lady (Courtship Wars, Book 1)

Jordan turns up the heat in this battle-of-wills/lessons-in-love romance that perfectly launches The Courtship Wars series. Lively dialogue, soaring sexual tension and characters you can take to your heart make this a keeper.

It's up to Arabella, the eldest of the Loring sisters, to set their guardian straight: They don't want or need him. But the moment she strides into the home of Marcus Pierce, the Earl of Danvers, he's smitten. He likes everything about her, while she despises him.

One confrontation after another ends in a wager. Marcus claims he can persuade Arabella into his bed, but she claims not. The lessons in love that follow get hotter and hotter and transform Arabella. Her conflicted feelings -- independence or love? -- irritate her. Marcus knows he might win her body, but can he win her heart? (Ballantine, Feb., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin