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This is not your traditional time travel romance, but a tongue in cheek, humorous love story, that manages to push readers fantasy buttons. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments and even though it might be hard to believe that a cell phone would work in the past (and never need recharging) or that these remarkable toys would continue going and going, if youre looking for fun and fantasy youll will find it here!

There really isn't an explanation as to how hairdresser Kathy Bartlett is suddenly whisked back in time to 1542 Scotland, along with three unusual robotic toys and her cell phone. Ross, the Pleasure Master of his clan, thinks that Kathy is just another woman who needs his services and, unlike his brothers, does not fear her strange dress, speech or attitudes. His powers enable him to see into a womans heart and help heal painful wounds by seducing and teaching her the pleasures to be had with the right man.

Though her ex-husband has her convinced she is unable to satisfy a man, being near Ross sets her blood on fire. Unfamiliar with love, Ross is surprised by the strong feelings she and her toys evoke in him.

It isn't until he is kidnapped and Kathy comes to his rescue that Ross understands the true depth of her feelings and his own. But the Pleasure Master can never marry or can he?

(Jun., 355 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin