Image of Pleasure Me


Image of Pleasure Me

Multilayered, sexually charged, innovative and emotional, Burns’ novel will touch readers because she compels them to believe in the beauty and tenderness of love, and the value of every person in a relationship. Readers will crave more from her with each new book.

When her latest protector leaves her for a younger woman, 41-year-old Lady Ruth Attwood realizes she is past her prime as a coveted courtesan. Thus she is surprised and a bit flattered when much younger Baron Garrick Stratfield makes her an intriguing offer. Garrick is a handsome, virile man, respected by his peers. No one knows his secret: he is a virgin. He needs a mistress to put aside any shred of doubt he is a man. Ruth is ideal, intelligent and discreet. He never counts on the passion she arouses during their love lessons. Ruth is fascinated by Garrick; he is more of a man then many of her lovers and she makes him believe he can be the lover she deserves. However, there is someone out to ruin Garrick and destroy Ruth. If either of them believes the villain’s lies or allows distrust and betrayal to slip into their relationship, all will be lost. (BERKLEY, Mar., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin