Image of Pleasure Planet


Image of Pleasure Planet

Anderson's three short stories blend humor and sci-fi/futuristic elements with steamy, sensual touches that are sure to satisfy readers. The stories are well plotted and have good character development, despite the short word counts. Readers will be well entertained when they step into Anderson's worlds.

In "The Girl, the Geek, and the Time Machine," Kara Wilson is going to take a trip in a time machine, but she has to be naked and hot to do it. Good thing she won't be alone.

Taylor Simms has curves, and they are highly appreciated by a mysterious admirer from the next century. What's a few hundred years when you're talking love in "Mirror of the Heart"?

"Wild-Men and Wormholes" finds Ariel Stone-Tarrington about to travel to an uncharted planet to study the natives. She thinks she's going to be alone -- but she's going to be wrong. (Aphrodisia, Mar., 240 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers