Image of To Pleasure a Prince (Royal Brotherhood, Book 2)


Image of To Pleasure a Prince (Royal Brotherhood, Book 2)

Continuing her series about three half-brothers who are Prinny's illegitimate sons, Jeffries brings together a most delightfully mismatched couple, the "Dragon Lord," Marcus North, Viscount Draker, and the belle of the ball, Lady Regina.

When her brother, Simon, wants to court Marcus' sister and he refuses, Regina braves the Dragon's lair to plead Simon's case. Marcus proposes that Simon may court Louisa if he may court Regina.

Despite rumors that Marcus is a frightful, domineering man, Regina finds him to be the only man who matches her, verbal barb for barb. Marcus, meanwhile, slowly sees behind her ice-princess facade to the very passionate woman beneath.

But when it becomes clear that Simon cares more about pleasing Prinny than he does Louisa, can Regina and Marcus prevent Simon from carrying out his nefarious scheme?

Jeffries' sparkling dialogue takes center stage in an emotional, highly sensual and powerfully romantic story. Regina's dyslexia is an added point of interest, and all the characters have such depth they simply leap from the pages. SENSUAL (Mar., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin