This book may be daunting in size, but it's absolutely wonderful. The characters are deftly crafted, with believable problems and strong personalities.
Far from being a tale of unnecessary drama, drugs, sex and bling, Alers shows that the story of well-paid companions can be told with class and style. Readers will be absorbed by their stories as they search for love, success and happiness.

Enid, the owner of Pleasure Seekers, a high-end companion business, is seeking new, polished women of color to garner more business. Ilene, Alana and Faye each have their own reasons for accepting her offer, not the least of which is entree into the world of high finance and high society. As these four women strive forward and succeed in making their lives what they want them to be, readers will cheer for them and bask in their happiness. (Kimani/SEPIA, Jan., 546 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile