Image of The Pleasure Trap


Image of The Pleasure Trap

Only an author of Thornton's talent could
pull off a story as tangled with plotlines, as filled with memorable characters, as tingled with paranormal touches as her latest -- and then write about writers! This is one of the best books of the season. It's lush, rich,
exciting, passionate and humorous. What more could you want?

What could be more exciting than living in London with a covey of the most popular gothic romance writers of the day, "with a mystery to solve and danger lurking around every corner"? That's what Ash Denison encounters when he attends a writer's symposium in an attempt to uncover the identity of an author who is creating stories of murder that may have a link to his brother's death. He samples a novel by Mrs. Barrymore and is hooked. Does she hold the poison pen?

Eve Dearing, aka Mrs. Barrymore, has accepted a patron's invitation to stay in town for the season. Much to Eve's surprise Ash appears to believe she's involved in the scandal-sheet stories. More shocking is her unexplained attraction to him and the sensual dreams they share -- dreams that become a reality as Eve and Ash fall in love.

But when one of the writers is attacked and it seems that Eve is next on a killer's list, Ash comes to the rescue. Caught up in all of the women's lives, aiding an escape from Bedlam and tracking a murderer, Ash is about to learn Eve's secret -- a secret that explains how she gets into his mind as well as his heart and a talent that will either save them or destroy them. (Bantam, Aug., 385 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin