Image of The Pleasure of Your Kiss


Image of The Pleasure of Your Kiss

Every novel Medeiros writes has a strain of adventure/romance, but her latest harkens back to her earlier, wildly thrilling tales of exciting exploits and untamed passion. Readers will barely take a breath as they are swept from the harems of the East to staid England as desire wars with logic in a titillating battle of wills. Medeiros holds onto readers’ hearts with another winner.

Ashton Burke has spent years trying to forget his first love by running from one thrilling adventure to another. But when his brother’s fiancée is kidnapped and held in a harem he reluctantly agrees to rescue her, not knowing she is Clarinda Cardew, the one he let slip away. When Ashton arrives, Clarinda worries that if he manages to gain her freedom or if they flee, she is still in danger of losing her heart to the jaded adventurer. As they move through the sultan’s court, their desires ignite and they risk it all for a second chance at love. (POCKET STAR, Jan., 505 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin