Image of Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman (London's Greatest Lovers)


Image of Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman (London's Greatest Lovers)

Another of London’s Greatest Lovers meets his match, allowing consummate storyteller Heath to enliven a touching romance with his unique personality. Fast paced, intriguing, sometimes sweet, sometimes hot and always emotionally intense, this novel is beautiful and heartrending.

Stephen Lyons, the family’s bad boy, returns from the Crimean War without any memories of his years away from home. He can still seduce beautiful women, but doesn’t know if he redeemed himself. That’s why he can’t tell the lovely nurse Mercy Dawson that he doesn’t remember her when she arrives with his son in her arms. After a harrowing experience in the Crimea, Stephen comforted Mercy and she fell in love with him. Hearing he died on the battlefield, she brings his son to his family, unaware that he really survived. Stephen decides to marry Mercy, hoping he will remember the past. This is what Mercy’s dreamed about, but she fears that once Stephen remembers, her dreams will turn to dust and their newfound love will be destroyed. (AVON, Dec., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin