Bryan's touches of humor, naughty, bawdy dialogue and colorful descriptions capture the era, adding dimension
to this charming tale of a landlocked pirate, the hellion who tames him
and their wild adventure. The heat
rises as their escapades sizzle, and readers' hearts will race to the
delightful conclusion.

Instead of following in her courtesan mother's footsteps, Jacquelyn Wren takes a position as chatelaine in the household of absent pirate Lord Gabriel Drake.

When "Drake the Dragon" arrives home, she's ready to defend her right to run the estate by ambushing him. Gabriel quickly dispatches the "brigand," revealing Jacquelyn's bound breasts. Though he's furious, Gabriel needs her to teach him how to navigate society so he can wed a wealthy bride. It's difficult for Jacquelyn to curb her sudden desire for Gabriel, but she does her best to avoid temptation, until one kiss seals their fate.

Now the only woman Gabriel wants is Jacquelyn -- and he proves this by breaking his pardon to follow her to London, where he's imprisoned and she must set him free. (Leisure, Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin