The latest addition to the Kazanov brothers series is a tale of dark intrigue, murder and sizzling desire that sweeps opera singer Fancy Flambeau and Prince Stepan into a wild affair.

From the instant Fancy walks onto the stage, Stepan is obsessed with making her his mistress, but she doesn't succumb to his wealth and charm. Fancy has made a good life for herself and her sisters, each of whom possesses unique psychic abilities. Though Fancy senses that Stepan is wild and passionate, she tries to resist the temptation. Her family comes first. But when the Rose Petal Killer threatens the Flambeau sisters, Stepan will prove his passion is love by keeping Fancy safe.

Readers will enjoy the Flambeau sisters and their talents as well as the mystery that sets the stage for the romance. But Grasso allows the suspense and subplots to overshadow the love story, which could disappoint readers accustomed to her past books, where the romance is paramount. SENSUAL (Apr., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin