Lisa Stevens is in love with her best friend, firefighter Jonathan Hill. Jonathan is equally smitten with Lisa, but he's convinced, because of his family's background and his financial standing, that he's not good enough for her.

To get his attention, Lisa trades in her customary look of dusty jeans, ponytail and work boots for sexy short skirts and heels. Jonathan takes notice but still feels unworthy because she's "part of a multimillion-dollar corporation," while he's "a firefighter, a simple city employee."

With statements like these--without allowing the reader to witness the reasoning behind them early on--the author makes this book challenging to read. Better-developed characters and more cohesive subplots would allow the reader to get to know and bond with characters and story. (Oct., 320 pp, $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims