The fabulous Mary Balogh returns with another innovative love story to tickle our fancy.

The Duke of Brightwater is most definitely bored. What else could account for the impulse that causes him to stop his carriage on an isolated country road and give a lift to a bedraggled lady whose attire declares her to be one of the muslin company? Fascinated, he listens to her obviously false tale of being a respectable young lady on her way to accept an inheritance.

Miss Stephanie Gray is infinitely grateful to the gentleman, Alistair Munro, for rescuing her from a dire predicament. Robbed of both money and belongings, who knows what might have happened to her if she had had to spend another night on the road. Still, it would be an ill turn to serve her rescuer if her presence in his carriage compromises him into marriage.

To the duke's amazement, everything she tells him turns out to be true, and matrimony is his only means of repairing the damage to the lady's reputation. Why is he not upset at having to resort to such a drastic solution?

A provocative storyteller, Ms. Balogh delivers a highly original love story filled with sensual intimacy for our reading pleasure. (Sept., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer