Trust the unique talent of Rita Boucher to bring us another refreshingly different, immensely enjoyable tale of love in Regency England.

Oliver Rowley is in desperate straits indeed. Cut off by his furious father after he leaves his fiancie at the altar, he has drunk and gambled his way into utter ruin. As his closest friend, Sir Michael Fairgrove is at his wits end trying to think of a way for Oliver to redeem himself. Then he remembers that his friend can appease his outraged parent by finally marrying the woman he so bitterly humiliated.

Miss Rebecca Creighton, now the Miss Manners of the ton, is a far cry from what Michael expects when he attends one of her lectures. Beneath her prim exterior lies a treasure of innocent warmth, something Michael aches to explore for himself. And, when they are subsequently caught up in a riot, Michael discovers that he has found the one woman he could ever love. But what about Oliver?

An extraordinarily gifted writer, Ms. Boucher elevates the genre with impeccable craftsmanship, full-bodied characterization and unmatchable perspective to provide a love story that is both provocative and diverting. (Jan., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer