Veteran author Valerie King leads us on an exciting foray into romance as a very proper lady throws caution to the winds.

Miss Emily Longcliffe is tired, oh so tired, of the very proper life she leads as one of the ton's leading lights. Her first rebellion is to attend a masquerade party, and her second is to share a kiss with the rakish Lord Kingsbridge. But these indiscretions pale in comparison with what she does when she learns that her cousin Evangeline may be in danger.

Determined to rescue her young relative from an apparent plot by her family to force her into marriage, Emily sets off for her uncle's country estate, accompanied by a reluctant Lord Kingsbridge, whose concern for her safety forces him to ignore the impropriety of the situation.

And as new developments lead them on an extended journey across England, Emily's long-subdued spirit begins to yearn for the freedom she once knew. But will she have the courage to take the final step to true love?

Although the thoughts and behavior of the characters is not always consistent with the times, readers will enjoy the lively interplay and spirit of adventure of this entertaining romance. (Nov., 287 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer