Image of Point Of Departure


Image of Point Of Departure

Breton's latest starts with an unusual and intriguing premise -- just the first
of many twists. All of the characters are colorful and layered, and the ending's great. Don't plan to go to bed early!

The disappearance of real-estate agent Kaye Winslow while she's showing a $6.5 million home is odd, but the unidentified male body found on the kitchen floor adds a greater element of mystery to the case. Investigating officers Doug Policzki and Lorna Abrams look to the missing woman's husband, professor Sam Winslow, and his sister, Mia, for answers. Mia, who's also Kaye's business partner, has an alibi -- but Sam doesn't.

When it's revealed that Kaye was divorcing him, the police consider Sam a viable suspect. But Mia refuses to believe he's capable of murder, and Policzki at least is willing to consider other possibilities -- especially when bad things start happening to Mia. But where's Kaye, who's the mystery man -- and who pulled the trigger? (MIRA, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer