On the heels of Hoover’s sensational debut, the sequel to Slammed is told from Will’s point of view. If the first book tugged on a heartstring or two, then this story will break hearts. Point of Retreat moves away from the reserved Will and shows his struggles, heartbreak and vulnerability. With her wonderfully real characters, Hoover has once again set the bar high. Moreover, at the end of the story, readers just might be inspired to write their own “butterflying” slam poetry.

Will and Lake are back and raising their siblings as a family together; however, a person from Will’s past threatens their immediate future. When Lake learns his secret, she pushes Will away, yet he refuses to give up on them. Will is determined to win Lake back. And just as it seems as if everything is looking up, Will is faced with another setback — and his relationship with Lake may not survive the fallout. (ATRIA BOOKS, Aug., 322 pp., $15.00)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch