"You must right a grievous wrong". These words haunt Mariah Walker all her life. She has no idea what they mean, until, while scouting out historical sites in Pittsburgh for a movie, she is transported back in time.

Mariah thinks she has stumbled onto a movie set where she's involuntarily cast in the role of the heroine. As if that weren't bad enough, the hero is an unfriendly, cantankerous hermit.

Thorn is exasperated, intrigued and impressed by his new servant. The ungrateful vixen lectures him on manners and charity. He tries to avoid her, but her beauty, her innocence and her courage vanquish his defenses.

Heated quarrels turn to passionate embraces, yet Thorn does not want her to rely on him for survival or love; for he is caught in his own nightmare and doesn't want her love or her pity.

This is an action-packed, emotionally gripping tale about a hero who needs rescuing and a dragon-fighting maiden. Readers will be well entertained as a family curse is unraveled, a betrayal is discovered and a duel is won, all amid warring Indians, lecherous raiders and trigger-happy soldiers. An adventurous read! (Jan., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer