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by Stephanie Draven

Genre: Series, Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Nocturne

2010 First Series Romance Nominee

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POISONED KISSES (4) by Stephanie Draven: Kyra, a nymph of the underworld, is desperate to stop her father Ares from obtaining a man forged into a hydra with poisonous blood. Kyra must find weapons dealer Marcos Kaisaris, who wants to save the world by providing weapons to the downtrodden. Kyra will either kill him or keep him locked away so her father can never find him. During their first confrontation, though, Kyra loses her immortality after Marcos’ blood burns her; during their second confrontation, she falls in love and is determined to save him. Draven uses mythology to come up with a gripping paranormal tale. The ancient gods provide perfect, fatally flawed characters to act as foils for this hero and heroine.

Publisher: HARLEQUIN

Published: October 2010

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Tantalizing Paranormal

Submitted by Nynrose (not verified) on November 3, 2010 - 1:47pm.

I had the great pleasure of being an advanced reader for this book, before it even hit the shelves.

Poisoned Kisses, by author Stephanie Draven, is a romantic tale that inspiringly retells classic Greek mythology in modern day times, filled with tantalizing romantic interludes and in-depth characterization.

In Draven's tale, the heroine, Kyra, is the daughter of Ares - the Greek God of war, and is a former nymph of the Underworld who has decided that she has had enough of death and destruction. She has pitted herself against her father and his plans to draw power and worshipers from fueling further wars. Ares has his sights set on Marco Kaisiris, a soldier turned arms dealer who has witnessed so many atrocities that he's become the human version of a hydra; a man capable of taking the form of any person who has ever harmed him, and whose blood is poisonous to those it touches. Kyra's determination to kill Marco, to keep him from her father's grasp, quickly becomes a tale a woman willing to cast away her immortality in order to protect the only man that she's ever loved, and who's ever truly understood her.

Stephanie Draven's has a knack for drawing the reader in, leaving them at the edge of their seat, wanting for more. Her books are a recommended read all around.