Image of A Poisoned Season (Lady Emily)


Image of A Poisoned Season (Lady Emily)

Alexander has fashioned another mystery for Lady Emily Ashton and her cohorts to solve, and it's a dandy. Sometimes touching, sometimes funny and always absorbing, this Victorian-era mystery hits all the right notes.

The arrival in London of Mr. Charles Berry, a man claiming to be descended from France's Bourbon kings, just in time for the season fuels much speculation by society members. Even Emily, recently out of mourning, is curious about the man. But a daring thief is of greater concern when Emily's home is burglarized and her friend Cecile's diamond earrings, reputed to have belonged to Marie Antoinette, are the only thing stolen.

It's just the most recent theft involving objects connected to the dead queen -- one of which leads to murder -- and it tempts Emily and the new man in her life, Colin Hargreaves, to investigate. But the thief's fascination with Emily -- and the proximity of a killer -- is something neither anticipates. (MORROW, Apr., 320 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer